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About Trailer HUB USA

Manufacturer & Dealer Portal Network

Trailer Hub USA is the first trailer manufacturer and dealer system to fully integrate operations, sales, business intelligence, and marketing into one platform.  This state of the art platform will provide services to an integrated network of trailer manufacturers and trailer dealers.  The network will be used for a variety of services including; order pricing, processing, real time communication, billing, online marketing, and advertising, and much more.

Trailer Hub USA is an advanced, secure, customizable, web application designed to facilitate end-to-end purchasing, order tracking, inventory management, advertising, lead generation, sales and analytics for manufacturers and dealers.



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Our mission

To provide the best trailer manufacturer and dealer portal network available.

Our pledge

We will work with our trailer manufacturing and dealer clients every day to provide reliable, effective, and affordable services which allow them to improve their operational efficiency and increase sales.

Our responsibility

To maintain a highly reliable, easy to use, software service that allows our clients to price and process orders and track, advertise, & sell inventory, quickly and efficiently.